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Distracted Diabetic

I haven’t posted on the blog in several weeks.  The main reason for this is that I’ve had a terrible time focusing.  It wasn’t my strong suit even before the pancreas failed, but now that I’m diabetic again, I have

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Celebrating An Important Milestone

Last Friday I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my kidney transplant with my parents and the amazing woman who donated it to me.  The actual anniversary is today but she works and enjoys her two grandchildren so Friday evening

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Taking Some Unpredictability Out of My Life

On Monday I had my first appointment with an endocrinologist since becoming a born again diabetic last year.  I would have gone sooner, but for some reason they only want to be in the second largest county in the state

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Blame It On A Perfect Day

I forgot my shot that I’m supposed to take with lunch.  Even after 15 months of being back at this routine, sometimes it still slips my mind.  It isn’t often, but ithappens.  I had a very good 90-minute workout at

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Anger In Place of a Working Pancreas

I’m angry, pissed off, and discouraged.  My counselor says I’m entitled to that and all the other emotions I told her I’m feeling.  Right now, anger has taken up residence in my mind and makes forays down to my heart.

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Fear of Getting What I Need

Last week my TB skin test was negative, which came as no surprise.  But it put me one step closer to the pancreas transplant.  That afternoon I enjoyed having dozens of people like my status update on Facebook when I

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Bye Bye Focus

I’m irritated.  I was in the zone, focused on my writing, when out of nowhere my blood sugar dropped.  That sweet focus is gone and I had to get up and deal with it by finding something in the kitchen

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I was a Type I from the age of 12 until I had a pancreas transplant when I was 33. It came with a new kidney. Diabetes took a toll on me. Being diagnosed at that age, I wasn’t always a model patient. It caused me to have kidney failure, lose part of my vision and parts of my feet are numb.
I loved being a “former diabetic” after the transplant. Or is the proper term “ex-diabetic”? It doesn’t matter. I felt the way a parolee from prison must feel. No more shots. No more blood tests. No more diet. No more strict sschedules. Well, I had to start taking anti-rejection meds—lots of ‘em—twice a day. Compared to the life I lived before, that was nothing.

After 14 years the pancreas stopped working, which means I'm back to being a Type 1 diabetic. This blog is about what it's like to go back to that world.

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My book about growing up diabetic and how I became a "former diabetic"

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