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The Seductive Powers of Cinamon Rolls

One thing I always liked about Highlands Oncology is the small coffee bar near the entrance.  Like most places selling coffee, they also offer pastries, cookies, and the like.  Lucky for me, my pancreas was working fine two years ago

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Happy Birthday fo My Failed Pancreas

You’ve been in there 15 years today. What an amazing time it has been. You worked hard, keeping my glucose normal until a year ago. That’s longer than the average transplanted pancreas lasts. During that time I never had a

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I was a Type I from the age of 12 until I had a pancreas transplant when I was 33. It came with a new kidney. Diabetes took a toll on me. Being diagnosed at that age, I wasn’t always a model patient. It caused me to have kidney failure, lose part of my vision and parts of my feet are numb.
I loved being a “former diabetic” after the transplant. Or is the proper term “ex-diabetic”? It doesn’t matter. I felt the way a parolee from prison must feel. No more shots. No more blood tests. No more diet. No more strict sschedules. Well, I had to start taking anti-rejection meds—lots of ‘em—twice a day. Compared to the life I lived before, that was nothing.

After 14 years the pancreas stopped working, which means I'm back to being a Type 1 diabetic. This blog is about what it's like to go back to that world.

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My book about growing up diabetic and how I became a "former diabetic"

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